A Faithful Mother

“…he will be filled with the Holy Spirit while yet in his mother’s womb.”Luke 1

John in utero heard only silence from dad. Unfortunately this can often be baby’s experience today. His mother, Elizabeth was the primary, if not the sole instructor who taught John truth and righteousness before birth. The design of this teaching was not simply adequate, it proved complete and theologically sound to make John wise unto salvation even before his birth; perhaps this is original resident theology! Do not minimize faithful teaching of truth for God does many miracles where faith and truth abide. 

I have no doubt that Zach became a man much engaged in secret silent prayer for wife and son. His hands weren’t tied, but his tongue was. Dads we can also speak much but of no consequence. What are we known to speak of most fervently? Does our speech touch eternity and fill the unborn with the Spirit? Do we believe God who acts in time space history?

Moms! Read and sing to your unborn child, and may he or she leap for joy as the Spirit moves and breathes upon the little one! John changed the world in large part from the role his spiritually keen mother played. “How can it be that the Mother of my Lord has come?” Elizabeth was a woman spiritually on key. 

Moms, never underestimate your powers of instructive influence upon the son(s) God gives you. Remember Solomon recalls instruction of his mother in many places in the Proverbs.

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