Oh the Reasoned Hell of Vain Worship


(Jesus quoting Isaiah in Matthew 15)

Vain worship is not an act of ignorance performed in darkness but a carefully distilled product of Man’s reasoned logic boldly set forth in brilliant humanistic display. Vain worship has qualities that replicate the form of true religion because it is based upon thoughtful conclusions. Though it seems the right way to a man it still lands one in a dark hell cut off from Eternal Light fully equipped with a powerful argument that dies upon the resounding closure of the prison doors.

The fallacy of vain worship is our normative acceptance of rational, cultural arguments that minimize the significance of or our transition beyond, (and then the subsequent denial of), the revelation of the righteousness of God, especially as “He has spoken to us in His Son in these last days.”

A reasoned argument based upon a relative religion expressed and experienced in an aesthetically pleasing manner may assist my conscience to be quietened and my mind to be convinced I have discovered an acceptable alternative to homage of the King’s Son. This will perish into the wisps of vanity it is “as all together we are lighter than breath” as we bow our knee and confess with our lips that Jesus Christ is Lord of heaven and earth.

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